Meeting Ranger Danger

Ranger Danger is one of the bands I met through my network. The Up All Nights are friends with them and played a few shows; which is good enough for me to check them out. I was a little surprised by their sound, in a good way. These guys were pretty clean. FBR bands come to mind (Fueled By Ramen, i.e. Panic! At the Disco, Academy Is…, Paramore). I don’t mean for this to be an insult! Quite the opposite. I love these bands and the feelings continued here. They’re fun and catchy. My ears just keep on demanding more. And more importantly they inspire me. I can’t help listening to The Citizen, Call to Arms, and Julien and start creating a revolution movie plot.
 (Plus their lead singer Jon Grubbs kinda looks like Brendon Urie (girly giggles))
I met the bassist Kyle Holt at a Nights show several months ago and got his photo with Little Boo
And early June I finally saw them live. Even though the songs had a different feel live versus recorded it was still a fun show. They even did a cover of the only Katy Perry Song I like ET.
Afterwards I did my traditional post show photo with Boo. Kyle was pretty excited to get another Boopic.
You can stalk them too on facebook and download their EP Call To Arms there and reverbnation for free

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