Meeting the Cadaver Dogs

I thought I’d introduce you to the major bands that will be appearing in this blog. Tell you how I met them. Let’s start with the Cadaver Dogs.
I met them as Look Afraid at the Young Veins concert. They were an unannounced opening act. And it was love at first sight. These guys brought unforgiving good ol’ fashioned rock n’ roll and with a confidence I didn’t expect to find in a local band. And when I find a good band, I’m hooked.
I spent the next day trying to find them online. Thanks to Steven King Photos I was able to remember their name and find them.
A few months later Hot Topic was having listening parties in stores. Look Afraid was making an appearance while supporting their off shoot band Cadaver Dogs. Since LA’s lead singer, Alex Nauth, is in Foxy Shazam now, three of the guys made a new band to keep up the rock. Me and my friend Julia, not intentionally, camped out in the store three hours waiting for them to show up. Eventually Cole Walsh-Davis (guitarist of LA, bassist of CD), and Lex Vegas (drummer of both) arrived. I showed them the cartoon I did.
Original photo
My Cartoon
They freaked in a good way. No one had done a cartoon of them before and was honored. I had them sign it and got a picture with Boo in his cowboy outfit made for the occasion. They gave me some free stuff as a thanks and our friendship went off from there. I eventully met the rest of the guys at various preceding Dogs shows and took some months to get the rest of the autographs. Now I go to as many Cadaver Dog shows as I can, being front and center snapping tons of pictures.

You can check out the Dogs at
And download for free their EP Thrill Ride there as well.

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