Meeting The Up All Nights

I met the Nights because they are close friends with the Cadaver Dogs. Sammy, singer and guitarist, is a regular at their shows. I met him at my second Dogs show. He knew me from my cartoons, I knew him from the dancing limbs tagged in album from the previous show. And we became friends right there.
(Boo liked him too, in a different way)
I met his band at a Doghouse house party a little later. His brothers Jack, bassist, and Yoyo, drummer, complete the group. I met them at different points in the night. They too were familiar with my cartoons and very welcoming to a new face to the crowd. The guys are pretty badass and make their stage shows a party that everyone is invited too. The blog’s name ‘Good Little Boys’ is after the first song I heard by them. And the header is them as well I’m around them a bit more then the rest of the bands so I’m closer to them. Sometimes I feel like they’re the cool cousins you want to hang around with.
(But the rest of your family is concerned)
Check out the Nights at
Download their EP Demos and Devils at

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