The Young Veins (the Concert That Started it All)

Last April I went to see The Young Veins at the Basement. It was Little Boo’s first concert. Her didn’t realize until it was too late that a vampire wearing a sign saying ‘I ❤ Young Veins’ might interpret as something else. I also brought a cartoon to have the band autograph.
The show was really good. But I was more excited about afterwards.
A friend and I waited for the guys to pack up before we went to the “bar” with the rest of the fan girls. And where we were at was next to the storage space. I decided I couldn’t wait to show Ryan Ross my cartoon. I shouted “Ryan! Ryan!” and he actually stopped and looked at it. He, Andy, and Nick Murray signed it right there. Nick even took a picture. Afterwards I ran into Nick White and had him sign. I was about to leave but Little Boo started throwing a fit that I forgot him so I got a picture with him.
All that was left was Jon Walker’s signature. He decided to be different and sign at the bottom. He too took a picture of it. And I got him with Boo.
Lastly I got Ryan’s photo with Boo. He looked a bit weirded out about taking a photo with a vampire (doll).
Two days later Jon posted this on his twitter. =)

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